Lunch can be eaten at school (between 11:45 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.) It not only serves to fill roaring stomachs after an exhausting morning but also structures the daily routine and promotes social skills, as the children congregate in larger groups and also help keeping the dining room in order.

Our food is freshly prepared in the kitchen of the Afro-Asian Institute (AAI) right across from the school. The menu with soup and dessert costs € 5.40, the dish of the day € 4.50. (As of the school year 20/21). The menu list for the current week is always available from Monday on at the buffet. The children can choose between 3 different main courses every day, at least one of which is vegetarian. The pupils can either pay in cash or with food vouchers that you can buy directly from the buffet. There is no need of pre-ordering meals, so the children can decide anew every day what they want. We recommend buying meal vouchers so that the children definitely get proper lunch instead of spending their money on predominantly sugary products. Food vouchers are sold at the buffet during its opening hours.

Up until July 2021 our food is freshly prepared by, Schwarzspanierstraße. It costs 6,80 € and is available vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

If your child is prone to food intolerance, please contact .

It is also possible to bring meals from home which can be heated up in a microwave.