School Profile

Our School

The Wasagasse Gymnasium is a school that combines modern accoutrements with a grand architecture rich in tradition. Since its complete renovation the building offers the ideal setting for successful teaching and learning. The centrally located school of BG Wien 9 is easily accessible with public transportation in Vienna and the surrounding areas.

The School Community

One essential premise for our students’ successful school careers at the Wasagasse Gymnasium is our vibrant community of students, parents, teachers, director, administration personnel and alumni.

That our students and teachers feel comfortable in school is fundamental to successful learning and teaching. Consequently, we are highly committed to the development of healthy class communities and a pleasant school environment.

Our students come from all over Vienna as well as from bordering provinces. The cooperation of German-speaking children and youth with students who have other mother tongues is ideal and encourages a high degree of intercultural understanding. For children who speak German as a foreign or second language, a generous remedial program facilitates integration.

The interaction of students and teachers is characterized by openness and a mutual willingness to communicate. We acknowledge, however, that teaching and educating also means guidance. The school leaders and team of teachers accept this responsibility, even if this may sometimes mean that unpopular decisions must be made.

We acknowledge achievement, but seek to interact respectfully with those who, regardless of the reason, do not demonstrate the required level of performance. It is very important to us to strike a balance between the support we provide and the performance we expect in return.

Countless extra-curricular activities, which also take place during holidays, function outside the boundaries of the classroom to develop community and to lead to a high degree of solidarity with the school. These benefits often last long after the school days.

Many of our alumni remain connected to the Gymnasium and consistently report on the good foundation that they acquired here – a foundation that accommodates many fields of study. Our A-level students distinguish themselves through skilful marksmanship in deciding on their future field of study, and in general, they are successful graduates.

Our Course Offerings

Our educational offering is based on the traditional eight-year program. Approximately 90% of our students continue on to the sixth form following completion of the lower grades (with Latin or French as a second foreign language). We are one of the first schools to utilize the possibilities of the autonomy provision of December 2003. In so doing we have developed and implemented new curricula for the sixth form.

With an emphasis on communication and language competence, our “Gymnasium” offers a humanistic branch with ancient Greek or a modern foreign language and the possibility to graduate with up to four foreign languages.

With an emphasis on information and communication technology, our “Realgymnasium” offers, in addition to two foreign languages, thorough computer instruction. Starting in the sixth year, these classes are lead as laptop classes.

A comprehensive offering of electives and non-binding exercises enriches and complements our educational program.

School Organization and Management

Our team-oriented school management, under the leadership of the school direction, seeks to provide for the optimal function and organization of the school, without becoming too prominent in the process.

Our Philosophy

It is assumed that students, under the tutelage and leadership of our teaching staff, should carry alone the main responsibility for their education. Teachers are responsible for the teaching; students are responsible for the learning!

Coupled with our ultimate goal, that graduates are able to succeed in further studies, is the procurement of a well-grounded foundational knowledge and the encouragement of self-study. We see the realization of our students’ abilities and gifts as a great responsibility and our fundamental mission.

The Wasagasse Gymnasium combines a long tradition with a modern future. For us tradition is passing along the fire, not praying to the ashes!